Jonas Joins to Netbeans supported application servers

Jonas Joins to Netbeans supported Application servers
By release of first public version of JOnbAS List of netbeans supported application servers growth to

  1. Sun java application server (Glassfish)
  2. JBoss application server
  3. Tomcat servlet container
  4. WebLogic application server
  5. JonAs application server

and im sure this is a growing list.
by my experiences , Netbeans has very good support for application server.
specially its support for Glassfish (Sun microsystem itself application server) outstanding.
with the current module you can :

  • Starting and stopping the server
  • Java and JSP debugging
  • Generating the default server specific deployment descriptors
  • Deploying, undeploying the Web, EJB and EAR modules
  • Browsing the deployed WAR, EJB and EAR modules

which is almost enough.

I think sooner or later we will see good support for Geronimo , Resin and Jetty as contributed or independed modules, and it is that time which Netbeans application server support has no reason not be the best.