The train starts running, NetBeans Innovators Grants has just announced.

The train start running, NetBeans Innovators Grants has just announced.

  • Are you an RCP developer looking for some financial support to implenent some modules on top of NetBeans RCP?
  • Are you familiar with NetBeans IDE and also you have some ideas in your sleeve, ideas to enhance the IDE functionalitis, ideas about new functionalities, etc?
  • Do you know some bugs/ RFEs in issuzilla which you can fix them, but you were looking for financial support?
  • Do you have some cool ideas about some sample projects or blueprints showing How one can develop Java/ J2EE/ J2ME/ Ruby/ C++ projects using NetBeans IDE and its capabilities?

If you fit into one of the above categories, you can join the NetBeans Innovators Grants, a sub program of SUN Microsystems US$ 1 million Program which is intended to help people develop open source projects sponsored by SUN Microsystems.

Take a look at NetBeans Innovators Grants Home Page, read it carefully, check SubMission Details page to gain some understanding of what is expected in your submission, and after you prepared your project proposal you can come to Proposal Submission page and file in the forms with your project details in order to jump into the contest train.

Another item which could be the subject of a project is contributing articles, tutorials and sample codes to NetBeans Zone located at Netbeans Zone, this web site. it is intended to be the most complete source of articles, links,…. for NetBeans platform and IDE.

P.S: Make sure that you read the legal page located at: Legal information