Try your chance for winning a copy of GlassFish Security book by taking a 5 questions quiz.

It is something like 5 months since Packt has published my book, GlassFish Security, which covers Java EE security and GlassFish application server security in great details by including OpenSSO and OpenDS into the mix.

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The book received around 10 reviews and all of these reviews unanimously agree that the book content is very useful and the book is something that every Java EE developer or GlassFish administrator may like to have in the shelve.

Now that a chapter of the book, chapter 3, is available for free in the Packt website, I thought I can form a simple contest in my weblog by including some questions from that chapter and give away some copies of the book to 3 lucky winners who answered all 5 questions correctly.

We will give away 1 paper copy to someone in USA or Europe and two e-books to any lucky winner either in those two continent or not.

It wont take more than 2-3 minutes to answer the questions and you will get the chance to receive a copy of the book when I draw the winners on October 10th.

And now the fun part, below you can find the 5 question quiz which can bring you a copy of GlassFish security book. Just note that we will only use the first result for each email address and consequent entries will be ignored.

“It seems that the quiz software I am using is not compatible with FireFox, please go with Google Chrome or Apple Safari


Make sure that you press the calculate result button when you are entering your name and email address so your information get stored into the database for the draw.

The contest is over and winners along with answers to these questions are announce at:

JavaZone 2010, a very brief report.

Yesterday the two days JavaZone 2010 conference finished, the conference was as good as I expected it to be. The sessions were selected very carefully to cover all sort of interest from architecture and NoSQL to security and core java APIs.

A fair portion of the participants, both in speakers group and in the audiences group were loyal participants which at least attended one of the previous conferences in past 10 years. I was one of those who participated for the first time, so I can not compare this year’s event with the previous one but those who have seen the previous events agreed that the quality of each year’s conference is better than previous year, and for this year the quality increases is way more than previous ones.

For few instances I heard people complaining about why more speakers are using English or small number of elementary level sessions (tutorials perhaps) but I believe no one found another reason  for a complain.

The JourneyZone is what I am looking forward to experience in the next two days. It is the first time in the 10 years history of JavaZone that the program committee is organizing this event for the JZ participants. I am going to check out of the hotel and go for the JourneyZone.

Following album includes few photos from my session, thanks to Alexis for taking the photos. The slides is available here I know that all videos for the sessions will be available at some point in time, but I do not know when it will become available, maybe in few days maybe in few months.