A New Module for Netbeans IDE , an statistical CVS Reporter…

2 weeks ago I was looking at www.sourceforge.Net for a utility that allows me to get some statistical information from CVS repositories. There are some commercial products that do this job in a very perfect manner , but those are commercial and feature over loaded.after some search I find VCS Report , I get the package and get some chart from my CVS repositories.
Some days ago I get the source code of the project and looked at the source ,Amazing , it uses a NetBeans library to connect to CVS servers , but there is no NetBeans plugin available in the download section , so I start and create a plugin for NetBeans , although it is in very early step and throw some exceptions some times but it works fine with NetBeans . I will put it in my UC in next few days after i make sure that i change it to comply with NetBeans in some acceptable degrees.
so far I create a TopComponent that contain the reporting stuff ,you can View image .
Now Configuration system (saving and loading your previous settings) and CVS setup dialog are ordinary swing dialogs instead of NetBeans specific dialogs, indeed these are exact clone of original VCS Report dialogs.
CVS setup dialog is like :

Password request dialog for CVS is like :

Current Feature of plugin Comply with VCS Report features , and sure the plugin will contain all features that VCSreport implements in future as soon as possible.

  1. Customizable filters
  2. History table
  3. Statistical charts
  4. HTML reports
  5. CSV (Comma delimited) reports

For next steps(before I make this plugin public) I thought to add at least half of the following features and enhancements.

  1. Both panels which are lied in north section should be converted into a wizard , so you start a wizard and it helps you to prepare a report step by step
  2. CVS setup dialog should be converted to NetBeans Standard CVS setup dialog
  3. It should be able to read CVS profiles that you have made in your NetBeans IDE. Like some other articles , blog posts ,… That contain an integration issue this plugin need more integration 😉
  4. Configuration files should be NetBeans standard configuration
  5. Tasks , should be converted to NetBeans standard Tasks
  6. Nor original software nor this plugin contain a progress bar , I think it should have some indicator that tell it is processing , even for very small portion of time
  7. Change i18n to comply with NetBeans i18n standards

I have some long term feature list which are depended on 3rd party softwares (at least I think that they depend on 3rd party softwares like NetBeans and VCS Report )

  1. SVN (Subversion) support
  2. CVS SSH support
  3. More statistical charts
  4. XML reports
  5. Also I thought about using JFree Chart instead of Charts that created by the software author , Jfree Chart has much more advanced charting engine and it gives user more feature to build better software , but it will make the module bigger in download size

i made this post because i am looking for some comments from developers who have knowledge about CVS internal mechanism. so if any one from the community have any suggestion , then let me know. I will add it to my ToDo list for future releases , and sure try to use your advice / comments , i will be more happy if my first release has more useability.

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