A Simple Netbeans Module , a Gmail Checker…

Some times ago I participate in NetCat 50 – a process for NetBeans IDE version 5 QA -During NetCat I find that NetBeans RCP is something that I can Pick for later Swing based clients.

I start learning NetBeans RCP platform during NetCat 50 , and to evaluate my learnings I write a simple Module for NetBeans IDE .

The module is a GMail Checker , Module make it possible for you to see your new emails within your IDE and allows you to rotate between subjects.

I write Down a Tutorial on building NetBeans Module and as a Case study I showed how user can build GMail checker him/herself.

To build that module I used another Open Source project , http://g4j.SourceForge.Net, which is Java library to access GMail service.

After installing the module you will see a new toolbar in your IDE , the toolbar will be like following image :

by clicking on toolbar , it will start connection to Gmail. a NetBeans Standard progress bar will show the the progress in IDE bottom line

a NetBeans Standard progress bar will show the the progress in IDE bottom line

after it fetch information from GMail it will show you a something like

which tell you how much new email you have , and how much space of your GMail is occupied Now you can allow GMail Checker to rotate between subjects or do it yourself using provided buttons

You can configure the GMail checker Options trough Its configuration panel which is an standard NetBeans configuration panel.

Configuration panel is something like the following image. Gmail Checker Option Dialog

I set up an update center for my further NetBeans module , right now , you can check this UC and get your GMail Checker from there.
If you prefer to install the module from your local drive then , you can download all in one archive which contains all required modules for GMail checker.

you can get the source code for GMail checker from NetBeans web site , this archive contain all source code , sound files and images that I used to build this module the link to get the zip archive is here

To add a new update center to NetBeans IDE and many other NetBeans Tips and tricks take a look at Geertjan Weblog and for more NetBeans related information look at another big blog , Roumen Weblog

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