An overview of Different Software development models with a deeper look at RUP Development model

Here is an Presentation that i made last year . it is about different lifecycle models like spiral , waterfall and iterative models.
this presentation contain following contents :

  1. Part I
    1. Basics and Explanations
    1. Terms and definitions
    2. Well known Life Cycle models / Methodologies
    1. Waterfall
    2. Spiral
    3. Iterative
    4. XP
  2. Part II

  1. RUP as a SDP Life Cycle Model
    1. Phases and Milestones
    2. RUP and System Evolution
  2. EUP (Explanation)

You can get ODP from Here
Hoping you find it useful.

I want to share an RUP presentation that I have made before …

I saw that there is a poll in java.Net about Software development process. sure I vote in favor of Process that I have work in its framework before (RUP) and I prefer to work in adhere to its rules. And now I wan to share a fast overview presentation about RUP with users that like to know this process and need a very straight and simple to follow presentation. The presentation come in 68 pages and cover the following issues.

-Terms and definitions
-What is RUP?
-Key aspect of RUP
-6 Best practices
-RUP Architecture
-Dynamic aspect
-Static Aspect
-RUP Workflows
-Software Architecture
-RUP The Product

I provide the ODP format for download.
get the ODP from :

By the way , do you noticed that how much smaller an ODP file is ?