Netbeans 6.5 is at your door step, take a look at shining new features

NetBeans IDE seen a lot of changes during past three years, the evolutionary changes starts with NetBeans 5 and later on continued to NetBeans 5.5 when Sun Microsystems released more of its code base under the open source license.

The main reason behind the feature rich releases can be seen behind the unifiyng of Sun closed source line of IDEs engineering team with NetBeans engineering teams, and further expanding the team with new engineers and evangelists.

NetBeans 6 goal was improved editor, improved SOA support and improved Java EE support, while NetBeans version 6.5 is mostly targets editor enhancement, web applications and scripting language support. While you can deploy your application to GlassFish version 3 prelude in NetBeans 6.5, NetBeans 7 will be the first IDE with Java EE 6 support including JSF 2.0 and Web Beans

What of what you can expect from NetBeans 6.5 is as follow:

  • Full PHP development support
  • Full RoR development support (Ruby on Rails)
  • Full Groovy and Grails development supports
  • Improved J2ME application development
  • Improved C++ application development (editor, project life cycle, etc)
  • Improved SQL editor with good integration with MySQL
  • Improved Editor, many small changes to make the over all code navigation easier, many changes to make the IDE GUI more accessible
  • RESTful web services, Spring, and Hibernate support
  • Improved profiler with remote profiling support
  • AJAX support by providing debugging, library manager, built-in support for Yahoo UI, WoodStock, jQuery, dojo, scriptaculous, prototype

If you want to see more new features, which are numerous, you can tale a look at its well covered list of features with a lot of screen shots

You are eager to see how these features works? You were looking for an IDE with these broad range of features out of the box? you can wait until 20th of the November or you can try its Release candidate 2 right now, by using RC2 you can check the features and report any bug that you encounter to ensure that the final release is bug free.


NetBeans Platform Certification and training.

Netbeans is well known for beeing a great IDE for developing Java SE, Java EE, C++, Java ME, Sun SPOT, Ruby on Rail, PHP, Groovy, … but NetBeans has more to offer when it come to developing highly modular desktop applications. The desktop application can be from any possible category like Business oriented, scientific, utilities, development tools, entertinement, etc. You can find a list of applications based on NetBeans platform here And it is provided by the NetBeans platform which what NetBeans IDE and all of its complementary packs and plugins are developed based on it.


If you are a Platform developer you may already know that there are many valuable resources like books and articles already available to start with developing applications on top of NetBeans platform. In addition to all of there resources, NetBeans provides you with another option, NetBeans Platform Certified Training, through this program you can freely attend training courses and get certification based on the level of knowledge and experience that you demonestrate at the end or through the program.


A New Module for Netbeans IDE , an statistical CVS Reporter…

2 weeks ago I was looking at www.sourceforge.Net for a utility that allows me to get some statistical information from CVS repositories. There are some commercial products that do this job in a very perfect manner , but those are commercial and feature over loaded.after some search I find VCS Report , I get the package and get some chart from my CVS repositories.
Some days ago I get the source code of the project and looked at the source ,Amazing , it uses a NetBeans library to connect to CVS servers , but there is no NetBeans plugin available in the download section , so I start and create a plugin for NetBeans , although it is in very early step and throw some exceptions some times but it works fine with NetBeans . I will put it in my UC in next few days after i make sure that i change it to comply with NetBeans in some acceptable degrees.
so far I create a TopComponent that contain the reporting stuff ,you can View image .
Now Configuration system (saving and loading your previous settings) and CVS setup dialog are ordinary swing dialogs instead of NetBeans specific dialogs, indeed these are exact clone of original VCS Report dialogs.
CVS setup dialog is like :

Password request dialog for CVS is like :

Current Feature of plugin Comply with VCS Report features , and sure the plugin will contain all features that VCSreport implements in future as soon as possible.

  1. Customizable filters
  2. History table
  3. Statistical charts
  4. HTML reports
  5. CSV (Comma delimited) reports

For next steps(before I make this plugin public) I thought to add at least half of the following features and enhancements.

  1. Both panels which are lied in north section should be converted into a wizard , so you start a wizard and it helps you to prepare a report step by step
  2. CVS setup dialog should be converted to NetBeans Standard CVS setup dialog
  3. It should be able to read CVS profiles that you have made in your NetBeans IDE. Like some other articles , blog posts ,… That contain an integration issue this plugin need more integration 😉
  4. Configuration files should be NetBeans standard configuration
  5. Tasks , should be converted to NetBeans standard Tasks
  6. Nor original software nor this plugin contain a progress bar , I think it should have some indicator that tell it is processing , even for very small portion of time
  7. Change i18n to comply with NetBeans i18n standards

I have some long term feature list which are depended on 3rd party softwares (at least I think that they depend on 3rd party softwares like NetBeans and VCS Report )

  1. SVN (Subversion) support
  2. CVS SSH support
  3. More statistical charts
  4. XML reports
  5. Also I thought about using JFree Chart instead of Charts that created by the software author , Jfree Chart has much more advanced charting engine and it gives user more feature to build better software , but it will make the module bigger in download size

i made this post because i am looking for some comments from developers who have knowledge about CVS internal mechanism. so if any one from the community have any suggestion , then let me know. I will add it to my ToDo list for future releases , and sure try to use your advice / comments , i will be more happy if my first release has more useability.

A Simple Netbeans Module , a Gmail Checker…

Some times ago I participate in NetCat 50 – a process for NetBeans IDE version 5 QA -During NetCat I find that NetBeans RCP is something that I can Pick for later Swing based clients.

I start learning NetBeans RCP platform during NetCat 50 , and to evaluate my learnings I write a simple Module for NetBeans IDE .

The module is a GMail Checker , Module make it possible for you to see your new emails within your IDE and allows you to rotate between subjects.

I write Down a Tutorial on building NetBeans Module and as a Case study I showed how user can build GMail checker him/herself.

To build that module I used another Open Source project , http://g4j.SourceForge.Net, which is Java library to access GMail service.

After installing the module you will see a new toolbar in your IDE , the toolbar will be like following image :

by clicking on toolbar , it will start connection to Gmail. a NetBeans Standard progress bar will show the the progress in IDE bottom line

a NetBeans Standard progress bar will show the the progress in IDE bottom line

after it fetch information from GMail it will show you a something like

which tell you how much new email you have , and how much space of your GMail is occupied Now you can allow GMail Checker to rotate between subjects or do it yourself using provided buttons

You can configure the GMail checker Options trough Its configuration panel which is an standard NetBeans configuration panel.

Configuration panel is something like the following image. Gmail Checker Option Dialog

I set up an update center for my further NetBeans module , right now , you can check this UC and get your GMail Checker from there.
If you prefer to install the module from your local drive then , you can download all in one archive which contains all required modules for GMail checker.

you can get the source code for GMail checker from NetBeans web site , this archive contain all source code , sound files and images that I used to build this module the link to get the zip archive is here

To add a new update center to NetBeans IDE and many other NetBeans Tips and tricks take a look at Geertjan Weblog and for more NetBeans related information look at another big blog , Roumen Weblog