GlassFish is Open source , but how much Open it is ?

We know that GlassFish is opensource under CDDL license , being opensource is good but having a good and open relation with community is very good.
GlassFish has the most active community between opensource project that i have been involve a bit closer than observing , having that TheAquarium weblog make it magnifisant.Meanwhile you think that that weblogs is available in more that 3 languages, and it shows how much hard GlassFish people works to provide community with information that they need.
its Wiki is a great source of information and shows how much far GlassFish people goes in making a good communication with the community.
wiki pages update very often , you will find new information in its wiki / weblogs whenever you look at them.I think there is more with this glassfish to reveal than being just reference implementation of Java EE 5.
if you check TheAquarium in a daily basis you will see that Glassfish components are going to Maven repository of java .net very fastly , and it means that we can use maven for our project which are based on java ee 5.

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