My last blog in 2011: My 2012 wishes and predictions…

I almost stopped blogging during 2011 because of lots of complications I was dealing with but this entry is something I couldn’t just pass over. Hopefully I will resume blogging during 2012 as actively as I was doing during late 2009 and early 2010.

My predictions for 2012 in technology realm specially when focused on Java is as follow:

  • Oracle will push Java forward like never before.
  • Java ecosystem will thrive with JavaFX getting open sourced and new big names joining JCP.
  • We will see the best Java release for Mac os, Java SE 7.
  • IBM will push the idea of how cool Rational set of IDEs are and how good Websphere is and people will believe it until the are caught with no way to return.
  • RIM will probably stop development of it’s own operating system and instead develop a powerpack for Android…
  • Google Chrome will eat other browsers marketshare as fast as browserly possible.
  • Some of the new cool boys in the JVM town that are claiming to be the next Java will vanish/start vanishing without any trace 😀
  • GlassFish will get more marketshare and more people will benefit from it’s modular and extensible architecture.
  • Google will market a revolutionary Android tablet that will change the concept.

What I wish for during 2012

  • No more war and instead of that some peace and quiet time around the globe.
  • No disasters like what we had in 2011 and instead some ground breaking scientific discoveries in medicine, energy and space travel.
  • No economy breakdown anywhere in the world.
  • A cell phone thinner than Motorola DROID RAZR 😀
  • Google to provide a good cloud storage for end users so I could stop using combination of DrobBox, Google and SkyDrive.

Other predictions for 2012 which I truly like to be proven wrong for them.

  • Iranian government will not go away and will not change to a sane governing body.
  • Pakistan army and ISI will continue supporting /training and harboring  Al Qaeda and Taliban and continue destabilizing Afghanistan southern and central provinces.
  • Iranian government will continue meddling in other countries affair specially in Afghanistan and Arab countries.
  • Syrian dictatorship will remain intact by support of Iranian government and the region will stay unstable as it is now.

I wish everyone a happy new year with lots of joys and success.

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