My sessions in JavaOne 2012

It is long since last I blogged and I go forward I find less and less time to put into tech blogging. I thought to post in my blog that I will be presenting three sessions in Java one along or accompanying another speaker.  As you may expect two sessions evolve around security and one session covers some interesting features and APIs provided by Java EE 7. The sessions are as follow:

Top 10 OWASP security concerns and how to address them with Java EEMarkus Eisele and I will be presenting this session.

The hottest topic for Enterprise Java applications out there is security which Java EE provides fair deal of flexibility to benefit from. This session focuses on how the top 10 OWASP application security concerns including “Broken Authentication and Session Management”, “Failure to Restrict URL Access” and “Security Misconfiguration” can be addressed using Java EE and GlassFish application server. The session covers how and where to integrate the solution for each OWASP concerns through a demo application. The demo application is developed considering the relevant best practices/design patterns involved with developing a secure application while avoiding the common pitfalls.

Server Sent Events, Async Servlet, Web Sockets and JSON; born to work together!: This BOF session is hosted by a very experienced and long standing Metro/ GlassFish team member, Bhakti Mehta and me.

This session focuses on how Java EE 7 provides extensive set of new and enhanced features to support standards like HTML5, WebSockets, and Server Sent Events among others.In this session we will show how these new features are designed and matched to work together for developing lightweight solutions matching end users high expectation from a web application’s responsiveness. The session will cover best practices and design patterns governing application development using JAX-RS 2.0, Async Servlet, and JSON-P (among others) as well as iterating over the pitfalls that should be avoided. During the session we will show code snippets and block diagrams that clarify use of APIs coming from the demo application we will show at the end.

Utilize the Full Power of GlassFish Server and Java EE Security: I will be you host for this session.

In this session, learn how to utilize Java EE security and what GlassFish Server technology provides to address your security requirements. The presentation explains a two-phase authentication mechanism.

If you are attending JavaOne you may like to join this sessions and if you are not attending and still interested in this sessions, Keep an eye on @MasoudKalali or check this blog sometime after JavaOne 2012 to get the slides.

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