My weblog is now migrated to its new location,

I have been blogging for the past 4 years in my blog which is now 301 redirected to its new home at In mid 2006 I joined Netcat 50, NetBeans quality asurance team for netbeans 5.0 release, and it was the starting point for me to get involved with Java community in more open way and lead to filing a request to get a weblog at

The main reason and motive behid starting the blog was sharing my experience about NetBeans platform and java development but in years the blog grown up to a point where I post 6 chapters of my unpublished GlassFish book there and post many other long articles discussing Java EE and other topics including security and software architecture among others.

In the past 4 years, I post 74 blog entries and  my weblog served around 200,000 page views and 160,000 visits. Majority of visitors were using Linux and Firefox according to my, now deleted by mistake, google analytics data. The biggest referal site was itself where my weblog get promoted to the first page and google was the main search engine leading readers to my weblog.

What I will always remember from my blog is friends I found through the blog and the friendly community and staff behind and its infrastructure which were and are working around the clock to keep a professional environment for everyone involved and uses Even when I was leaving they did not stop taking care of my request and kindly applied 301 redirects to all my current blog entries to redirect them to their new location, which in my opinion show how professional they act and think.

But the reason behind moving to my personal domain from the exceptional hosting and community is the flexibility I need to keep all my content in the sam place instead of keeping some content on blog and some other content on my personal website.

In the next few weeks I will include more pages to my new website including a page for my GlassFish security book to have a better communication channel with my readers and a new page for the book I am authoring now. My new website will include my photoblog as anothe part. I am not a professional photographer and I will look for comments and advices from friends and readers whom are more experienced on photography compared to what I know and experienced.

If  you are a reader of my weblog then you can follow me using the new domain and the new feed url. The new domain will serve readers and visitors in a more interactive and easy to find way.

Long live and its professional team.

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