NetBeans 6.8 joined the GlassFish v3 in the release feast.

NetBeans 6.8 released coordinated with GlassFish v3 today. NetBeans 6.8 can be considered a fine step ahead of NetBeans because Sun is officially supporting the NetBeans RCP platform as a product from now on.

NetBeans 6.8 features are as follow:

  • Java Enterprise Edition 6 support
  • Web Projects with JavaServer Faces 2.0 (Facelets)
  • JavaFX 1.2.1 support
  • Connected Developer
  • Full support for PHP 5.3. NetBeans is now a modern IDE for PHP as well as for Java
  • Full Maven support for new projects and importing projects
  • Full support for Ruby and Support for creating Rails 2.3.4 apps
  • Full development cycle is provided for C/C++

More information:

NetBeans ECP, which the IDE is based on, is a first tier application development platform for Java platform. Anyone looking to develop a desktop application should definitly take a look at NetBeans RCP before making a decision about the framework or platform he or she wants to use.

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