NetBeans 6 M7 released. There are some cool features available and cool modules in UC.

NetBeans 6 milestone 7  has released and you can download it from NetBeans web site by at least two methods

  • Traditional setup file for separate packs
  • using new NetBeans installer which allows you to customize your package before you download it.

Traditional method for downloading NetBeans 6 which is a development build is using and the new installer which I am going to talk about is available at .
Google pack installer is somehow similar to new NetBeans installer. In one simple paragraph it allows you to customize what you need in one mega installer and then you can download your customized package to your local machine to install those components into your system.
features that new installer has and I really like them are as follow (sure you may find some there feature that I have not mentioned )

  • Download what you need by customizing the download package.

Download section.

  • From bundle that you have download you may not install all of them at the same time.

Installer first round

When you choose to install glassfish you have option to select its path, ports, and default JDK which are important options.

  • You are allowed to uninstall some of components when you do not need them by running the installer again.


  • Installer register any component that you install into other components (Application server, mobility features,….).
  • Tight integration with windows add or remove programs.
  • And many other features that I do not noticed yet.

But there are some other cool changes in NetBeans IDE, look what we have as our icon set, it remind me some of Firefox themes with fantasy icons. I hope we could see some modularity mechanism for icons which will allows NetBeans fans to develop some new icon set or use older version of icon set.
new icons

Based on NetBeans 6 Feature Plan  we will have RoR and JavaScript support in NetBeans 6 M7, so this features should be inside our downloaded IDE or in update center, lets look and see what does we have in NetBeans new project and file and also in update centers.
Yes, we have JavaScript and ROR support built-in.

Lets see what else we can find in update center that is not available for 5.5.* or in NetBeans 6 M7 out of the box.


As you can see RoR support is available in update center. 
If you are one of those RoR fans you should be happy now.


Ok, there are tens of new language support based on new common scripting language support.
Support for this languages is in several levels, from syntax highlight to code completion.
you can try one that you need and if you find it useful you can vote for this future. NetBeans development team will value community inputs.

Maven support

There are some other good module which i have selected to be installed. As you can see Maven support is there too.


OK, what that really amazed me about new modules for NetBeans IDE is Jasper Report Visual designer, Its really cool to see a report designer for jasper report integrated into NetBeans.

I know that it has some basic integration but it is the initial release of this really cool module. here are some images of Jasper report designer integrated into NetBeans.


the project home page is credits goes to developer of this really required module.

NetBeans 6 release is as amazing as NetBeans 5 release was.

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