I will be speaking at JavaZone 2010 about NIO.2

Well, my abstract for a session in JavaZone 2010 accepted and I will be speaking about NIO.2, you may call it new new IO, more new IO or technically JSR-203,on 8th of September in saloon 1. I will be the second speaker in the first day of the conference so the timing will be something like 10:15 to 11:15. The session will be in English and I will give the audience an overview of IO features in Java 7 and its differences improvements over old IO framework. I estimated that  I will be speaking for 55 minutes to present something around 35 slides which I have prepared their sketch.

JavaZone 2010, Oslo
JavaZone 2010, JavaZone logo

Majority of the slides will discuss the file system capabilities included in the NIO.2, some slides will cover the differences between I/O with Java 7 and I/O in older releases. Some slides will discuss Asynchronous I/O, and other cool features of NIO.2. Almost all slides come with a sample code showing the concept in action. I will try to include more about my presentation and slides while I am completing the sketch and the first draft.

I want to share an RUP presentation that I have made before …

I saw that there is a poll in java.Net about Software development process. sure I vote in favor of Process that I have work in its framework before (RUP) and I prefer to work in adhere to its rules. And now I wan to share a fast overview presentation about RUP with users that like to know this process and need a very straight and simple to follow presentation. The presentation come in 68 pages and cover the following issues.

-Terms and definitions
-What is RUP?
-Key aspect of RUP
-6 Best practices
-RUP Architecture
-Dynamic aspect
-Static Aspect
-RUP Workflows
-Software Architecture
-RUP The Product

I provide the ODP format for download.
get the ODP from : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/334201/jn-blog-files/RUP%20presentation.odp

By the way , do you noticed that how much smaller an ODP file is ?