Not a good design in Thinkpad T400 USB ports and some thougths on selecting an ebook readers

I received my T400 some weeks ago,Sure I create the recovery DVDs and installed a brand new Ubunut 8.10 on it. But so far there are two things which make me crazy:

  • First, why there is no horizontal USB port on the laptop and all ports are vertical? what if we need to plug a device which its height is bigger than T400 port distance with the desk? I didnt had the time to take some photos so I used an available one. this is the photo taken from Lenovo forums which shows Thinkpad T400
  • The other flaw, is the keyboard lamp which is supposed to let us see the keyboard clearly in the dark, but problem is that it is not angled enough to illuminate the keyboard and instead it blind our eyes.

And about the so called ebook readers:

About 1.5 years ago I searched to find a good ebook reader for myself and my digging into the market has no result except that I come across two "to be available" ebook readers which could be answer to all of my requirements, The first one was the Epson-Seiko ebook reader which as far as I can remember, based on the available information it was light, as big as an A4 paper with and comes with a multicolour screen. The other one was an ebook reader from a company named Plastic Logic. although at that time there was no detailed information about their ebook reader, but the amount of information which they provided in their website suggests that it is the best option that I can have.

few days ago one of my friends asked my opinion about the Amazon Kindle and it triggered another search in the ebook readers market. First I tried to find about the Epson-Seiko reader with no luck but I found that the plastic logic reader is going to be available early in 2009 which is very very good news for me.

Plastic logic reader is very durable, very lightweight, it is in size of A4 which is what I need at first place, It is can help in reading PDF and MS Office documents among others, come with wifi, bluetooth in addition to USB 2.0 support.

I am waiting to see this device hitting the shelves, I will definitely buy one as soon as It become available.