Testing some FrameWorks and applications on Glassfish build 40+ part III

This time I want to test OSWorkflow on GlassFish , for this purpose I get latest version of this application , I mean osworkflow-2.8.0.
Lets see What a workFlow engine is and what is its usage , a workFlow Engine is an engine that is capable of executing WorkFlows in different level. a workFlow is a graph of works , so it means that a workFlow engine can execute a graph of works , this graph describe when , how and under which circumstance a node must be executed and/or which branch of graph should be followd.there are some standards for WorkFlow engine which you can find them in the web.
and you should know that there are really many WorkFlow engine in Opensource market 🙂 take a look at http://java-source.net/open-source/workflow-engines I find that some one add my weblog entries to GlassFish Wiki it looks like that I should explain more to allows every one to deploy this samples on GlassFish, so To follow this blog entry yourself you will need

lets start the job. At first I tried the sample application on tomcat 5.5.12 to make sure that it is working and it works well on Tomcat as I expect. Now lets start the GlassFish and open the likely admin console to easily deploy that application. I am right going to deploy osworkflow-2.8.0-example.war into GlassFish , lets see what will happen.
first step has done and now I can determine new context path and application name for this application ,osworkflow-2 is a bit long to be an application context name so I choose another context name for this application , something like OSW .I clicked next and application has deployed successfully , now lets see whether it runs with success or not.
Browser is open and I navigate to http://localhost:28080/osw/ nice , it looks like that it will works. You should see some page like the following :

Now lets see whether WorkFlow engine works correctly or not. To make sure lets load some test references by provided link in login page . So login with test/test and go to view your Works , you will see some defined Work that are waiting to mark as finish. After you create the reference data and logged in as test/test navigate to : http://localhost:28080/osw/underway.JSP you will see a page like the following (but not exactly the following because I finished some jobs) now you can finish some jobs and /or create some more items and watch them.

Now go back to manager page of OSW context I mean http://localhost:28080/osw/manager and create a new user for yourself . Add some works to system and terminate some of them to make sure your deployed sample works OK.
for me it works fine because I add several works and then terminate them.Something like :

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