Testing some FrameWorks and applications on Glassfish build 40+

Now with EJB 3 , (I am talking about current date take a look at date that this entry is written) options in application server market are so limited because there are just few application server that support EJB3. some of them that i know are Jboss and GlassFish project.
But GlassFish provide more than beeing EJB3 container , it is aimed to be a full Java ee 5 container.
GlassFish uses TopLink for persistance ,Contributed by ORACLE, so I think when we come to performance it is compareable with JBoss AS that uses Hibernate Persistance Engine to provide EJB3.
In a series of weblog i will deploy some of frameworks that i used in past with Other Application server and servlet container in GlassFish.
First of all I tried to run my favorite Open source Portal on Sun application server 8.1 ,8.2 but it does not works without workaround.but now in glassFish it deployed as sweet as a candy.
StringBeans Portal use Hibernate as ORM framework so it is database agnostic.Hope they convert the persistance layer to EJB3 . StringBeans Portal is a very clean and innovative implementation of jsr-168 portlet container with many features that you can relay on them for your next portal based job.
It is StringBeans Portal version 3.1 alpha that i checked on GlassFish . it is really very superior in comparesion with older versions .although older versions of this product was great too.
following image shows its running on GlassFish build 40.

Another framework which i tests on GlassFish is SiteMesh A great web-page layout and decoration framework . I use it with classic JSP/Servlet cases and also with Struts . I am really happy that i know this framework.
I thought when i tried StringBeans Portal lets test one other neat framework so i deployed sample war file that come with SiteMesh distribution on GlassFish , and it runs with no needs for modification. next image show that sample application running on GlassFish
Follwing image shows Sitemesh running on GlassFish

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