Mad Max Game Leather Jacket

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Mad Max Game Leather Jacket. In Fallout 1 you can befriend a dog that used to belong to someone that sounds a hell of a lot like Max but you can only do it after equipping a leather jacketA jacket that looks like the. Max is on a mission to find the Plains of Silence where he hopes to find his peace.

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In Australia this was known as a Brando style jacket. Jacket has no epaulets. Your rating Your review Name Email Related products Sale.

The style of Maxs jacket is a standard side-zip motorcycle jacket though the lines and cut seem to be specific to the Melbourne area and deviate slightly from similar jackets available during the period the film was shot.

The Road Warrior except his right Cowboy Boot which is from Beyond Thunderdome I think it would be cool if we got some more costumes directly from the movies such as his outfit from the first Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Fury Road it would add a bit more to. The articles added are a battered and beaten leather jacket. If youve completed the story start a new game on the same save slot. Mad Max MFP Jacket worn by Max and the MFP.