What Is A Game Warden

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What Is A Game Warden. Investigate reports of damage to crops or property by wildlife. Game wardens are certified peace officers who most often find work at the state or federal level.

Vermont Game Warden Johnny Law State Police Emergency Service
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New game wardens in California for example must complete 31 weeks of academy training followed by another 10 weeks of field training. Consult your local agencies for details. Game wardens are also law enforcement officers so they must complete a law enforcement training.

Like many other public servants game wardens apply for job openings by taking an exam.

However the exact steps required vary from state to state and even states that use the same process may perform it in a different order. What is a Game Warden. - Game wardens also known as conservation officers are law enforcement professionals with special training in wildlife and conservation law who protect natural resources on federal state and private land to ensure public safety and enforce conservation laws related to hunting fishing trapping and outdoor recreation. These law enforcement and wildlife conservation professionals who may also be called conservation officers game protectors wildlife control agents wildlife officers and fish and game wardens among other titles dedicate their lives to the conservation and management of.